Triskell® Steel, full 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Triskell’s 20 Year Guarantee offers you complete value for money, and crucially, a lifetime of reassurance. We’re able to offer such a guarantee because our products are designed and manufactured to protect the surfaces they have been properly applied to, for at least 20 years.

The Challenge

Plastisol coated sheets often fail within eight years due to mechanical damage or exposed cut edges. Once the plastisol coating fails, the layer of galvanised steel below is quickly breached and corrosion sets in.

If left, entire roof sheets need replacing, leaving those responsible for building maintenance exposed. Where gloss-type paint systems only add to the problem, Triskell® Steel offers a quick and economical solution.

Restore plastisol coated buildings to their original state

The Triskell® Steel treatment is bespoke to Triskell. The system involves removing defective and discoloured plastisol coating with a combination of mechanical and high-pressure cleaning methods before applying the Triskell® Steel coating.

Available in a range of colours, and with the option for exact colour matching, restoring a building to its original colour is quickly achievable with Triskell

A proven renovation and protective treatment

Triskell® Steel is the sister treatment system of Triskell® Coating, a pioneering asbestos cement roof renovation technique with a 30-year history within the roofing world.

Adapted specifically for the renovation of plastisol coated sheeting, Triskell® Steel uses the same penetrative and bonding technology to offer superior protection and good colour stability for 20 years, with a life expectancy in excess of this.

Extend the life of plastisol coated roofs and walls by 20 years.

Stop the delamination of plastisol coating in its tracks with Triskell® Steel. Give plastic-coated steel roof and wall sheeting a much-needed renovation to improve its aesthetic appeal and extend its life by a guaranteed 20 years.

Our Products

Triskell® Steel is a cost effective and long lasting two-coat system designed specifically for the renovation of PVC / plastisol coated galvanised sheeting and cladding. Offered in a range of standard colours, but with a mixing service to meet exact specifications available on demand, this proven product quickly restores peeling galvanised sheeting to its former glory.

Triskell® Asbestos Treatment has been specially developed to provide a long lasting and waterproof finish for asbestos cement roofs. The Triskell coating has a life expectancy of 20 years and being a non-convertible paint system can be over coated at any time potentially extending the life expectancy by a further 20 to 25 years.