Asbestos cement roofs need not be a liability if properly treated

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Asbestos cement roofs need not be a liability if properly treated

The health dangers associated with asbestos are well documented, yet as many as 500,000 commercial, industrial and public buildings in the UK are thought still to contain materials manufactured using asbestos in some form. A large proportion of this is in corrugated asbestos cement roofs and cladding.

Recently introduced legislation seeks to govern the management of asbestos in all buildings and non-domestic premises, with owners and landlords now required to produce an asbestos survey to identify and record the presence and condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within non residential buildings.

For those owning and managing buildings with roofs or cladding constructed using asbestos cement sheeting, ensuring that the structure remains in good condition is essential, not only because of the importance in maintaining the fabric of the building, but also to remain within the letter of the law.

“Triskell® is one of the few remaining specialists in the maintenance and treatment of buildings containing asbestos within the roof and wall cladding to a standard which ensures the building complies with the asbestos legislation for any length of time,” says Adam Stone, Managing Director of Triskell®. “Such specialist treatment can also significantly prolong the life expectancy of the building,” he claims.

“It is now more than 25 years since we developed our first product for weatherproofing such roofs and sheeting,” says Adam Stone. “We use a non –convertible paint system specifically designed for asbestos and cement sheets which provides a smooth, long lasting yet moisture permeable finish, hence allowing the substrate to breathe. Our contractors are specialists in all aspects of the cleaning and preparation of asbestos containing materials prior to treatment, from complying with Health and Safety legislation to the correct filtering and removal of the waste water used in the cleaning process.”

The application of Triskell Coating is achieved using and airless spray and is applied in two or three coats depending upon whether a natural or a pigmented finish is required. The average drying time is 30 minutes to shower-proof and four hours before recoating can take place. The product is available in a range of colours, with specialist shades available for larger orders. Cost is in the region of £20.00 per m2, and all treatment comes with a ten year guarantee.