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The premature failure of PVC-coated galvanised sheeting and cladding is a common problem for both landlords and tenants. When tool hire specialists HSS Hire experienced this at their Birstall premises near Batley in West Yorkshire, they decided to act.

The company had been leasing their current site for around eight years when the wear and tear of weathering due to UV light degradation and pollution caused by high traffic volumes started to show as noticeable damage to the appearance of the building. With the landlord looking to renovate much of the surrounding industrial estate, HSS decided to follow suit, explains HSS Building Surveyor, Neil Catlow.

Having been pleased with past work by the company, HSS chose the Triskell®, Triskell Steel system to take on the job. “We used environmentally friendly cleaning methods which avoid the use of toxic chemical paint strippers to remove loose and defective coating from the building before applying one of our products. Triskell Steel is a two coat system with a life expectancy of up to 15 years,” says Adam Stone, Managing Director of parent company Asbestos Safeguard Sealers.

“We needed to renovate to the landlords specifications,” explains Neil Catlow, “in order to fit in with the plans for the rest of the estate. Triskell®. were able to colour match the coating for us to our exact specifications.”

“We chose Triskell® because they have worked well with us in the past. Ours is a retail environment so we needed someone who was flexible enough to work around our needs, and those of our customers. They have done a great job, and we are thrilled with the results which have totally changed the whole look of the building.”

“All too often remedial attempts to overcome the failure of PVC-coated galvanised sheeting fail, often due to poor preparation and the application of a totally unsuitable coating system”, says Adam Stone. “Due to the plasticizers in the PVC coating and the generally smooth surface, it can be very difficult to achieve a good key to PVC roofing and cladding. We use environmentally friendly cleaning methods on the cladding prior to treatment which we consider as vital in a modern environment. Our two coat system has a life expectancy in excess of fifteen years with the first applications completed in the late 1980’s. The results speak for themselves.